oxfordburyknowleartgroup.co.uk welcomes you!


The Group first met at the Bury Knowle Library in 1948. The first Chairman was John Henry Brookes who was the first Principal of the Schools of Technology Art and Commerce in 1934 which eventually became Oxford Brookes University.

Our main meetings are nowheld at the North Oxford Community Centre in Summertown. Visit the Events page for details, or the Contact Us page to join.  We look forward to hearing from you....                                          


  • to welcome ANYONE with an interest in art

  • to promote friendship in a social environment

  • to encourage personal development in art

  • to arrange meetings with speakers, demonstrations of artistic techniques and associated subjects and to arrange at least 2 exhibitions per year


Membership costs £20 per year from 2022(see Contact Us for application details)

Attendance at meetings is free
Non-members are welcome to attend for a small charge of £5 per person. This includes refreshments. 

If you join, you can get a discount at BROAD CANVAS in Broad Street, OX1 2JD and LEOPARD PRESS, 12 Windmill Road, Headington, OX3 7BX


These paintings are from our autumn exhibition